2NE1 Network.
"Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun,— I only think of you.Morning, lunch time, evening, dawn— all day you burn me up.In the end,  L O V E is what I say.I think I have fallen into the ocean called you.”

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In honor of 2NE1’s long anticipated AON album + world tour I have made a network for my fellow Blackjacks! 
MBF pastelsashimi and katycafe
Reblog this post (can like for reference)
Any blog type, but must reblog 2NE1 
Must submit an application here (We want to know why you want to join)
If accepted- must put badge somewhere on your blog, and give us your email
Meet and chat with fellow Blackjacks and have people to talk to about how awesome the tour and new album is ^^
Help with anything (html, photoshop, someone to talk to etc.) 

When we feel this gets enough notes/applications Katy and I will be picking members (we will let you know when that is) 
If any of you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to send either one of us an ask! 
Your fellow Blackjacks, 
Marjie + Katy

2NE1 NETWORK.     ↳ Network, Application, Badge, Image Credit 

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